7 IADC trades closed today all about 3 week old from earliest of June 4th 2018 Total take is $8.93 on these 7 IADC trades

Here are the 7 that where opened early on in June and closed today about 3 weeks later. This is what I see happening all the time and the more I trade this the better it gets as it should with practice of anything.

Just multiply the $8.93 x the amount of shares 100, 1000 what ever your trade had on and that is your gross profit. If margin was used then you would be paying interest for the borrowed money on the equities part. In this case using 100 it would be $893 dollars profit or 10,000 shares would be $89,300. As a GL Trader your monthly cost of $339 can easily be covered by either getting 3 new 1st line people  and 1 new 2nd level business person involved with this program.

Anyhow fourth of July is coming up and this is a great way to start it off with a 7 winner week. As for June anyhow, they have all been winners.


+.80c +.72c +$1.21 +.98c +.78c +$2.55 +$1.89 All 7 are IADC trades opened and closed between today and JUNE 4th 2018 Total proceeds Just add up the #'s above contact me via website for info on how to become a GL Trader for $339 a month. Enjoy easy home based business such as this for just $339 a month by sharing the home based business idea of trading for dividends.



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