7 closings as of last friday the 8th of JUNE: #OXY +$1.79 ; #BDX +.39 ; #KMB +$1.66 ; #KMB  +$1.17 KMB had two different trades and dates ; #TRV +.54 ; #PX + .925 ; #BLK +$3.54

Im going to show you how I write out my hand written paper trades taken from real time live data as the trade is opened and closed.

On May 18th 2018 #OXY was opened with purchase of the stock 100 or however many shares you want and can afford to purchase, and we will always just figure 100 shares and 1 option contract to demonstrate the trades and keep it clear. HOPEFULLY.

BUY to OPEN 100 SHARES of OXY @ 85.37 and SELL to OPEN 1 CALL contract JUNE 8 EXPIRATION the 78 strike price at $7.45 with (21) days till expiration. 28 IV, 91 DELTA

SELL to CLOSE 100 SHARES #OXY on XDATE 6/8/2018 for 84.99 with .38c loss. BUY to CLOSE the 78 CALL for 6.05 for 1.40 profit

ADD dividend payout in 3 or 4 weeks of $.77c and my total profit is $1.79 x how ever many shares involved in this trade.

JUNE 4th 2018 #BDX

BUY to OPEN 100 SHARES #BDX @ 227.87 and SELL to OPEN 1 CALL contract JUNE 8TH (4) days til expire, 205 CALL option contract @ 22.65

SELL to CLOSE JUNE 7TH 2018 100 SHARES @ 228.16 for .29 profit and BUY to CLOSE 205 CALL @ 23.30 for loss of <.65>  for TOTAL profit of .39c on trade.

The other 5 trades are done similarly and held for short period of time only


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