Insured Accelerated Dividend Capture trading system IADC

The IADC trading system has just gotten a boost and we have fine tuned the trading system in the scanning and locating of potential opportunities.

I developed a filter which narrows down the trades to ones which essentially allow one to purchase more shares with the same amount of money, while getting the most dividend in the shortest amount of time. The time period is usually 7-21 days.

Here is an example and a real trade for anybody who wants a free tip.

The ticker is ATUS and is a new publicly traded company for only about a year.

Today June 6th 2018 is last day to open a trade in this as tomorrow you can close it or anytime after the close of normal trade today.

ATUS is trading currently at 19.49/19.50 at 9:50am. Purchase 100 shares of ATUS for $1950.00 gross. Sell the JUNE 15TH EXPIRATION $19 CALL option for .70c via taking the mark price and deducting .10c . OH BY THE WAY the dividend to be payed out is $2.035 in about 3 weeks usually. I not sure on this one as I haven't looked up the payout date after XDATE which is tomorrow the 7th of JUNE. I collected $70 from selling the 1 option contract equal to 100 shares. There is a lot of thought which goes into all of these trades and Im not explaining all my actions just the mechanics of the IADC system.

click this charts to see the numbers.

Tomorrow on the 7th or afterwards I will close this trade by buying back the option to close that part of the trade and sell all 100 ATUS shares.

By doing all this work I am trying to qualify to collect the dividend payout by the company and insure the entire trade against any other parts taking a loss. I want to collect the entire amount of the dividend which is worth $203.50 for the 100 shares bought and then sold. You just collected over 10% of the cost of the trade for just a couple of days. Thats a great return. Let me show you this again I collected $203 for a trade which lasted 1 day (today thru tomorrow) and for putting up about $2000 for 1 day. The option will adjust either up or down as the stock changes. When closing this trade Im figuring a small loss on the stock which the option buy back is lower than I sold which should make up for losses on the stock sell. Ya probably kinda confusing. In theory this all works well and most of the time it pay well and regularly and that is important to trust in a system which will provide.

Any question contact me at GRATUITE LAVIE 


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