7 closings as of last friday the 8th of JUNE: #OXY +$1.79 ; #BDX +.39 ; #KMB +$1.66 ; #KMB  +$1.17 KMB had two different trades and dates ; #TRV +.54 ; #PX + .925 ; #BLK +$3.54

Im going to show you how I write out my hand written paper trades taken from real time live data as the trade is opened and closed.

On May 18th 2018 #OXY was opened with purchase of the stock 100 or however many shares you want and can afford to purchase, and we will always just figure 100 shares and 1 option contract to demonstrate the trades and keep it clear. HOPEFULLY.

BUY to OPEN 100 SHARES of OXY @ 85.37 and SELL to OPEN 1 CALL contract JUNE 8 EXPIRATION the 78 strike price at $7.45 with (21) days till expiration. 28 IV, 91 DELTA

SELL to CLOSE 100 SHARES #OXY on XDATE 6/8/2018 for 84.99 with .38c loss. BUY to CLOSE the 78 CALL for 6.05 for 1.40 profit

ADD dividend payout in 3 or 4 weeks of $.77c and my total profit is $1.79 x how ever many shares involved in this trade.

JUNE 4th 2018 #BDX

BUY to OPEN 100 …

Insured Accelerated Dividend Capture trading system IADC

The IADC trading system has just gotten a boost and we have fine tuned the trading system in the scanning and locating of potential opportunities.

I developed a filter which narrows down the trades to ones which essentially allow one to purchase more shares with the same amount of money, while getting the most dividend in the shortest amount of time. The time period is usually 7-21 days.

Here is an example and a real trade for anybody who wants a free tip.

The ticker is ATUS and is a new publicly traded company for only about a year.

Today June 6th 2018 is last day to open a trade in this as tomorrow you can close it or anytime after the close of normal trade today.

ATUS is trading currently at 19.49/19.50 at 9:50am. Purchase 100 shares of ATUS for $1950.00 gross. Sell the JUNE 15TH EXPIRATION $19 CALL option for .70c via taking the mark price and deducting .10c . OH BY THE WAY the dividend to be payed out is $2.035 in about 3 weeks usually. I not sure on this one as I haven't loo…


GRATUITE LAVIE, and the IADC trade system, Include the ability to share the business idea with others and generate and income from multiple sources. Similiar to network marketing.

I have spent many years working to perfect the GRATUITE LAVIE trading system IADC to a point worth marketing to the world.

I have wanted to CREATE a business and offer it to the common man that, without an extensive education, and huge amounts of cash, and and lots of luck, an individual can unlock the door to freedom of ones time, and within a short time can be implemented to create a relatively safe method REGULARLY to generate an income. Its low cost and risk, can free up his or her time from the daily grind, and be able to focus on your hearts true desires in life.