CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 5000 / 2500 / 1000 / 500 / 250 STRENGTHs Dosing charts based on 1 oz bottle

This is a conversion chart so you will know how much CBD you are receiving per 1 Full Dropper which is equal to 20 drops or 1ml  and the cost of the strength per 6-pak, per bottle, full dropper, per 1ml and $ amount per full dropper (20 drops). Based on the product Full Spectrum CBD tincture.

Total CBD          $ 6-Pack &         $ cost per 1ml         Amount of 
per 6-pak            $ per bottle            20 drops             CBD mg/1ml

30,000 mg       $1800/$300ea5k   $10.00 1ml          166.67 mg/1ml

15,000 mg       $942/$157ea2.5k  $ 5.23  1ml           83.33  mg/1ml

  6,000 mg       $429/$72ea1k       $ 2.39  1ml           33.33  mg/1ml

  3000  mg       $258/$43ea500     $ 1.43  1ml           16.66  mg/1ml

  1500  mg       $154/$26ea250     $ 0.87  1ml             8.33  mg/1ml


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The 80/20 RULE for Gratuite Lavie Marketing CBD product line

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This is a broad in scope meaning Cannabis has many different types of products. Marijuana is the flower of the Cannabis plant which produces high resins with high levels of THC & CBD components and the way you can look at it when you intake "Marijuana the mind altering component producing the high from the Cannabinoids of THC and includes the components of CBD another type of Cannabinoid and there are many varying degrees and types which encompass this type of product from cannabis.

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