Why is LOS ANGELES readings at 465 ppm on CO2 levels


Did you hear about the new Great Lake in central California?

Its probably going to happen. Digital Nomad solutions to robot and Artificial Intelligence taking over your job.

How lower CO2 in 5 Years by Planting 15 Trillion Trees

I thought you might like a simple solution to the warming climate due top fossil fuel burning for 300 years. 8 billion people on this planet and all it would take is one tree per day per person to plant a seed or sapling and in 5 years we would have 15 Trillion trees planted. on Digital Nomad solutions

Updated the website with price changes to GL Digital Nomad Boutique

The referral is now $500 and the Gratuite Lavie Digital Nomad Boutique is now $3999.00

Gig Economy AI & Robots and your Data , delete FB TWTR

Image to become a digital nomad

Gratuite Lavie Digital Nomad Testing out equipment and video its all new to me and kinda scary to do this stuff

Image for digital nomad via gratuite lavie