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Explanation of Cannabinoids and what they do for our Biology





CBD cannabidiol is a food and a supplement and a drug by all definitions. CBD is a type of cannabinoid which there greater than 70 types in cannabis of all types. Marijuana is a definition of cannabis type which is a high in resins, high in THCA which transforms into THC via heat and or the aging process naturally. Same goes for CBD. Hemp is a term used to define a type of cannabis plant which is low resin and high in CBDA before heating or aging. CBD is the derivative of CBDA. Heat and or time will convert CBDA into CBD. The list of types of cannabinoids are long. Here are a few from that long list: CBDA-CBD-CBN-CBG-CBC-THCA-THC-THCV and the list goes on. This is why isolates which is one type of cannabinoid may not work for any particular person at that time of their life or situation. A full spectrum of cannabinoids will have a higher probability of making the desired effects and results but it never a hundred percent. Nothing ever is in when it comes to the human condition regardi…

About Gratuite Lavie CBD and What We Do

Gratuite Lavie CBD works with businesses and individuals consulting them on the benefits of cannabinoids for the endocannabinoid system and how that can benefit the business bottom line and the health and wellness of the individual / TraderProgram1750 ConsultingTrading / Our Primary Focus on HEMP CBD (Cannabinoids) Helping People / We Provide CreditUpgrades, BusinessLoans & IncreaseBottomLine of Businesses of All Types / or Call 1-858-939-9595

The Initial Call to Your Wealth and Their Health



David with Gratuite Lavie CBD

Is the business interested in an additional 2-3 thousand dollars of revenues a month?

Do you offer CBD products to your customers?

I can mail out  information and follow up in 7 days.

Are you interested?

Yes or NO?

YES Then confirm a name and mailing address

50 people served per day time 5 days per week
for 52 weeks a year equates to 13,000 people you served throughout the year.

13,000 people divided by 12 months a year, means you served 1083 people a month.

Now using the pareto 80/20 rule of distribution which states that 20% of the people will do 80% of the work.

Well multiply 1083 times 20% which equals 216 people which say Yes to CBDs added to the meal like in a drink or their food plate or purchasing a bottle of their own. We can break that down again using again the 80/20 rule which is 173 and 43 in respect to the 80/20 rule.

173 people will ok an additional $5.0…

Gratuite Lavie CBD Plan of Action & How to Purchase Shares of Stock via Purchases of Our CBD products, 25% of Gross Amount @ $77.77 per share.

Gratuite Lavie CBD

           This is a brief on Gratuite Lavie CBD business Plan.

Mission: Cannabinoids are essential to the Human Condition which influence the Endocannabinoid system help people obtain a state of homeostasis and well-being. Our Business is to (1) Help spread the word of the Benefits of cannabinoids of which there are well over 75 types of cannabinoids in the plant which includes THC the PsychoActive and CBD the Non-PsychoActive parts of the Cannabis Plant. (2) Develop methods of delivery of these substances through new novel methods and through time test methods and hybrids of both. (3) Provide a method for people to obtain an excellent living and healthy life by promoting and selling these products of the Cannabis plant which have been tested throughout human history.

Homeostasis is the goal of a person who is afflicted with any number of ailments which the cannabinoids of cannabis plant are well known to affect the human endocanna…

Just for fun and interest the Solar System Scope

What is Gratuite Lavie CBD? What are CBDs and THC, and what are they good for?

Gratuite Lavie CBD is a distributor for CBD products and offers a business opportunity to people.

THC and CBDs are cannabinoids which help in the regulation of the endocannabinoid system in the human body which helps with regulation of the immune and neurological systems. They help the body to heal and reduce inflammation from internal and external interactions of daily life.

Why do I need THC or CBDs? You need THC and/or CBDs to enhance the the endocannabinoid system in the body get to a homeostatic state of well being.

You body is in a constant state of attack from external forces from pollution from man and nature alike. As we grow older our body doesn't do as well from this constant bombardment and needs help in defending itself and repairing the damage. THC & CBDs can and do fill this requirement of the body by reducing inflammation and enhancing the immune system.

Gratuite Lavie offers a full range of products which are lab tested for percentages by weight of THC and CBD…

David's Anti-Fungal/Anti-bacterial immune system booster home concoction easy to make in 5 minutes...

Hey welcome and I will share this because I know it works. Take it for 2 weeks - twice a day at least. Its all natural from most likely stuff you already have in your home. If not all groceries will have these items especially nowadays.

About me: Im 52 y/o and have a history in smoking cannabis and recently I have been in the process of starting my Hemp CBD business from home and I havn't grown from home in a few years. My funds where laid to rest when LYFT de-activated me last August 2 2018 for unknown reasons and so I found myself without funds for my delivery of cannabis. The last 6 months I was training hard for online forex trading which with only a 50/50 win/loss ratio just didn't see that being a long term viable career option and its also not so healthy as I was trading late nights due to an equity curve which occurs and its also pretty lonely profession from home.

Okay so I started from seeds I had produced about 2 1/2 years ago and this was beginning of december 2018…

***SPECIAL*** on FULL SPECTRUM CBD formulation .059c per mg - 15,000 mg of full spectrum CBD oil tincture 3 - pak $897


How does .059c per milligram sound vrs. the .15c you pay in the brick and mortar and other online sources. 1/3 the cost till the end of the month. Credit upgrades and business loans for restaurants and deli stores. Chiropractors and Doctor offices of all kinds.

Till the end of April 2019 your business can purchase 15,000 mg in 3 - 5000 mg/1 oz bottles of a full spectrum CBDs an oil of (MCT) which is abbreviation for moderate chain triglycerides in a tincture formulation.

Price is $897 includes tax and shipping. Total THC - .23% wt Total CBDs 18.33% wt which includes CBD -18.24% , CBDV - .08% , CBG - .06%, CBC - .25% , CBN - .01% , CBDA - .10% - All by weight of batch.

This is the FULL SPECTRUM formulation, not an isolate formulation which would only be ONE type of cannabinoid of CBD.

Contact for David directly at 1-858-939-9595 or email: to order for yourself or business. No license required.



CBD Full Spectrum Tincture 5000mg 5 Stars/ 2500mg 4 Stars / 1000mg 3 Stars / 500mg 2 Stars / 250mg 1 Stars Cost per Dosing charts per 1 oz bottle

5 Star strength has highest amounts of CBD full spectrum with 1 Star strength having the lowest amount of CBD full spectrum per 1 oz bottle.

This is a conversion chart so you will know how much CBD you are receiving per 1 Full Dropper which is equal to 20 drops or 1ml  and the cost of the strength per 6-pak, per bottle, full dropper, per 1ml and $ amount per full dropper (20 drops). Based on the product Full Spectrum CBD tincture.

Total CBD          $ 6-Pack &         $ cost per 1ml         Amount of 
per 6-pak            $ per bottle            20 drops             CBD mg/1ml

30,000 mg       $1800/$300ea5k   $10.00 1ml          166.67 mg/1ml

15,000 mg       $942/$157ea2.5k  $ 5.23  1ml           83.33  mg/1ml

  6,000 mg       $429/$72ea1k       $ 2.39  1ml           33.33  mg/1ml

  3000  mg       $258/$43ea500     $ 1.43  1ml           16.66  mg/1ml

  1500  mg       $154/$26ea250     $ 0.87  1ml             8.33  mg/1ml


Gratuite Lavie CBD 80/20 Rule Estimating Income Via The Marketing Opportunity of (GLTBs)

Connect to Previous Post about CBD products and INFO

The 80/20 RULE for Gratuite Lavie CBD product line & Marketing

Using the Pareto 80/20 principle to determine the estimated outcome when a person who is motivated in offering both the CBD hemp products and Gratuite Lavie Marketing Opportunity using GLTBs.

GLTBs are the proprietary devices used to create curiosity by placing a small bag onto the front door of each living unit a salesperson whom is prospecting in his/her area.

I am going to show how an individual can make a sizeable income on a yearly scale.

Based on the 80/20 rule: Marketing using a number of 100 GLTBs each week, 5200 units per year is estimated at $95,000.

This includes your income from getting other people involved and set up in there own business. The investment to start is $16,000 a year, and with only $4000 down payment to start. That is your skin in the game, and you will receive a right to market Gratuite Lavie CBD products and 400 GLTBs each month.

Using t…

About Cannabis - Hemp CBD products & Marketing Opportunity of Gratuite Lavie CBD


What is Gratuite Lavie CBD? Its a name taken from French language which is not a literal translation but is close and works for my business purposes here in America and means To Live Free. My goal is to build a business which incorporates the brand new industry here in America and to participate in the Cannabis Hemp & Marijuana Industry.

This is broad in scope. Cannabis has many different types of products. Marijuana is the flower of the Cannabis plant which produces the high, contains high levels of THC & CBD types of components. The way you can look at it is when you ingest "Marijuana" the mind altering component produce the high from the Cannabinoids of THC.  It includes the components of CBD another type of Cannabinoid and there are many varying types which encompass this type of product from cannabis. Marijuana is high resin high THCA, which turns to THC when heated or degenerates over time. Same is true for CBDA, which turns to CBD. Essen…