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About Cannabis - Hemp CBD products & Marketing Opportunity of Gratuite Lavie CBD


What is Gratuite Lavie CBD? Its a name taken from French language which is not a literal translation but is close and works for my business purposes here in America and means To Live Free. My goal is to build a business which incorporates the brand new industry here in America and to participate in the Cannabis Hemp & Marijuana Industry.

This is broad in scope. Cannabis has many different types of products. Marijuana is the flower of the Cannabis plant which produces the high, contains high levels of THC & CBD types of components. The way you can look at it is when you ingest "Marijuana" the mind altering component produce the high from the Cannabinoids of THC.  It includes the components of CBD another type of Cannabinoid and there are many varying types which encompass this type of product from cannabis. Marijuana is high resin high THCA, which turns to THC when heated or degenerates over time. Same is true for CBDA, which turns to CBD. Essen…