Gratuite Lavie CBD 80/20 Rule Estimating Income Via The Marketing Opportunity of (GLTBs)

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The 80/20 RULE for Gratuite Lavie CBD product line & Marketing

Using the Pareto 80/20 principle to determine the estimated outcome when a person who is motivated in offering both the CBD hemp products and Gratuite Lavie Marketing Opportunity using GLTBs.

GLTBs are the proprietary devices used to create curiosity by placing a small bag onto the front door of each living unit a salesperson whom is prospecting in his/her area.

I am going to show how an individual can make a sizeable income on a yearly scale.

Based on the 80/20 rule: Marketing using a number of 100 GLTBs each week, 5200 units per year is estimated at $95,000.

This includes your income from getting other people involved and set up in there own business. The investment to start is $16,000 a year, and with only $4000 down payment to start. That is your skin in the game, and you will receive a right to market Gratuite Lavie CBD products and 400 GLTBs each month.

Using the 80/20 rule, 20% of 5200 units (100 units each week x 52 weeks in a year) of GLTBs delivered each year equals 1,040 responses from delivered units, multiplied times 20% equals 208 estimated people starting there own CBD sales and marketing business each year. 208 people x ($1,000 per each business startup income) equals $208,000 gross income per year. Subtract your yearly investment for license and GLTBs is $192,000 gross - net.

You'll also make an additional $400 from the first line of YOUR first line of people when they repeat the process. This doesn't include your portion of profits from sales of CBD products which is 40% of profits.

The cost to start with the Gratuite Lavie Marketing System using the CBD line of products as your in, so to speak, is $4000. This is your skin in the game cost.

Gratuite Lavie CBD is offering a system which is believed to work when your communicating the business and products based on the Pareto 80/20 principle.

I hope you join Gratuite Lavie CBD today and I look forward to helping you get up and started, so you can be successful.

Contact David Darby at or give me a call at 1-858-939-9595 to get started and payment methods.


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