What is Gratuite Lavie CBD? What are CBDs and THC, and what are they good for?

Gratuite Lavie CBD is a distributor for CBD products and offers a business opportunity to people.

THC and CBDs are cannabinoids which help in the regulation of the endocannabinoid system in the human body which helps with regulation of the immune and neurological systems. They help the body to heal and reduce inflammation from internal and external interactions of daily life.

Why do I need THC or CBDs? You need THC and/or CBDs to enhance the the endocannabinoid system in the body get to a homeostatic state of well being.

You body is in a constant state of attack from external forces from pollution from man and nature alike. As we grow older our body doesn't do as well from this constant bombardment and needs help in defending itself and repairing the damage. THC & CBDs can and do fill this requirement of the body by reducing inflammation and enhancing the immune system.

Gratuite Lavie offers a full range of products which are lab tested for percentages by weight of THC and CBDs. You should always know what is in your product because cannabis uptakes nutrients and other not so beneficial products from the environment, which means you may have a highly polluted CBD product. Molds, fungus and yeast can also be an issues and cause more harm than good. Heavy metals are also uptaken  by the cannabis plant which may cause additional issues rather than helping your body heal.

It is known that up to 70% of lab test for Cannabis shows pesticides which are harmful and can cause increased problems. Know whats in your cannabis products. Get a product with a lab test so you can see the results.  Education of this knowledge is key to a homeostatic state of well being.

Knowing how much of the kinds of CBDs and THC is in your product is a must know. Knowing what your getting which helps you back to a healthy you and get to homeostasis and well being sooner. Everybody is different and react differently as well at different times in their lives. The formulation of CBDs to THC can change over time. Sometimes your just using a high THC and low CBD formula or high CBDs content to no to low THC which you get from hemp derived CBDs. By the way, when I say CBDs I mean that literally because CBD is only one type of cannabinoid of many different types. CBD is a derivative of CBDA as is THC from THCA. Heat and time remove the A part of the equation to make the 3 letter molecule.

Healing from the supplementation of CBDs from hemp is beneficial to most people and the addition of THC into that formulation can enhance your wellness and help you get healed faster. Its important to know your product and what works for you.

Looking for work in the new Cannabis Industry? Contact me for the business opportunity.

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